New town council for Sutton Coldfield, but is Birmingham city council playing fair?

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Birmingham City Council’s consultation paper, published in response to Sutton Coldfield’s 10,000 residents who have petitioned for a new town council, has been described as a ‘cynical’ document designed to put residents off challenging the status quo.

For example the consultation paper lists the powers that town councils had in 1992, rather than highlighting the new powers that town council’s have under the Localism Act 2011, including over issues such as town planning. Rather than exploring how a town council can become a self-funded investment vehicle, it scares voters with exaggerated claims about how much it will all cost.

Ironically Birmingham’s city councillors are loudly demanding the devolution of powers from central government to the city, and yet they seem to be unwilling to devolve any of their existing powers to the residents of Sutton Coldfield.

The chairman of the Sutton Town Council Referendum Group, Ken Rushton, said, ‘There are certain people who have had their fingers in the pie in the compilation of the city council’s consultation paper, and their objective is to maintain the status quo. This was to be expected.’

Mr Rushton continued, ‘The Referendum Group is suggesting that residents who are concerned about the well-being of the Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield, including the proposed development of its Green Belt, the abandonment of Sutton’s town hall, the decline of the town centre, and the continued decline of local centres such as Mere Green, may wish to support a new town council, even if this does ruffle the feathers of a few city councillors.’

The consultation runs from now until March 30th 2015.

How to submit your views to Birmingham city council:

  1. Send in a letter to: Community Governance Views, Room 217, Council House Extension, Margaret Street, Birmingham B3 3BU.
  1. Send an e-mail to


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