Sutton Coldfield says YES to a town council

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A new Royal Town Council will be established with the first election of councillors in May 2016, following a massive 70% yes vote.

The new town council will give Sutton Coldfield a civic voice and return some of the powers lost since it was taken into Birmingham in 1974.

The town council will have general legal powers of competence so it can improve local services, and it will be able to reinstate a mayor to promote the town’s identity and public life.

Sir Albert Bore, the Leader of Birmingham City Council said; “This is a watershed moment in the way that Birmingham is governed”.

It has been suggested that further announcements effecting the wider city’s governance may be made in the wake of the Sutton vote.

The leaders of the three main political parties within Birmingham City Council have agreed to approve the legal identity of Sutton’s new town council at the full meeting of the City Council in September.

Sutton Coldfield's historic high street.

Sutton Coldfield’s historic high street.

Sutton Coldfield Town Centre Regeneration Framework was produced in 2008 as the masterplan for Sutton’s town centre; a key objective is to recapture the lost grandeur of a Royal Town. The Town Council will have the power to bid for funds and to form the partnerships needed to deliver this vision.


Councillor Rob Pocock, who has played a lead role in the town council campaign, confirmed the boundaries of the new town council will match those of the current Parliamentary Constituency, and as such the town’s historic boundaries will be protected.

There was a strong turnout from the 75,431 eligible voters in Sutton Coldfield, with 40% voting, (almost double the figure seen in typical local council elections); and 70% voted yes.

Councillor Anne Underwood, who chairs the City Council’s current district committee for Sutton, said: “We are delighted with the turnout of 40% at the ballot that reflects the interest our residents have always shown in the governance of the Royal Town.

Ken Rushton, chair of the Sutton Coldfield Referendum Group, said, “We’re very pleased with the show of support. It is a clear sign from residents that they want to see change in the way our town is run.”


Full Ballot Result:

YES Votes: 20,871 [69.9%]

NO Votes: 8,980 [30.1%]

Turnout: 39.60%

Eligible voters: 75,431

Votes Cast: 29,908

Valid votes counted: 29,851

Invalid Votes: 57

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