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“An adventure in one of the most wonderful places on earth”


Kivu, an orphaned mountain gorilla, rules over Silverback Valley in the extraordinary African rainforest. Under his watchful protection the animals are kept safe.

When a severe storm brings the arrival of a fierce crocodile, it threatens the future of the forest’s animals and challenges Kivu’s ability to rule.

Kivu decides to leave in search of a new life. Luckily, he is not completely alone as the gentle Okapi follows him, for like Kivu she too is the last of her kind.

Their epic journey takes them across the forest to the top of an erupting volcano where they confront a troop of rebellious baboons, but to fulfill his destiny Kivu must return home and confront his old enemy.

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Gorilla and Okapi is inspired by the Virunga National Park and an idea Nick Corbett had for a story when he was thirteen years old. 

Virunga National Park, Richard Branson and Desmond Tuto

Richard Branson and Desmond Tutu are campaigning to save the Virunga National Park. They say,

“It is difficult to exaggerate the ecological and symbolic value of Virunga National Park. Established in 1925, it is Africa’s oldest national park, and at nearly two million acres, it is one of the most biologically diverse places on earth – containing more mammal, bird and reptile species than any other protected area on the African continent. It was declared a World Heritage site in 1979 because 190 countries agreed it deserved the world’s special protection.”

Transforming Cities is raising awareness of the Virunga National Park through the publication of Gorilla and Okapi



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