Gorilla and Okapi‘An adventure in one of the most wonderful places on earth’

Kivu, an orphaned mountain gorilla, rules over Silverback Valley in the extraordinary African rainforest. Under his watchful protection the animals are kept safe. When a severe storm brings the arrival of a fierce crocodile, it threatens the future of the forest’s animals and challenges Kivu’s ability to rule. Kivu decides to leave in search of a new life. Luckily, he is not completely alone as the gentle Okapi follows him, for like Kivu she too is the last of her kind.

Their epic journey takes them across forests and fields to the top of an erupting volcano where they confront a troop of rebellious baboons, but to fulfill his destiny Kivu must return home and confront his old enemy.

Gorilla and Okapi is beautifully illustrated by the Emmy award winning artist, Winnie O’Brien.

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Palace of Pugin by Nick Corbett‘A compelling historical novel about a remarkable man’ – Lady Wedgwood.
Palace of Pugin is based on true events. It tells the story of Augustus Pugin, one of the most significant men of the Nineteenth Century, and of the conspiracy to silence him. Pugin is one of the world’s greatest designers. His life is full of passion, power, and obsession.

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‘Heart warming and humorous’ – Professor Joann Fletcher, Egyptologist and Broadcaster

In Another Egypt Bill Dixon traverses the Nile and Sahara in pursuit of prehistoric rock art and other fascinating relics of the ancients, but it is beside the hotel pool with one eye on his fellow travellers that he records the most bizarre rituals.

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Arden is a life affirming novel about rites of passage, friendship, and transformation. Events take Joe halfway around the world, from the ancient Forest of Arden to the brash cities of Birmingham, London, and Beirut. To make sense of his life, he must return to his roots with a new perspective on the environment that shaped him. There he discovers a mysterious gatehouse holds the key to his destiny.

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‘The Holy Spirit Handbook is biblical, practical, and road tested!’ – Professor Allan Heaton Anderson

The search was on. Libraries were scoured. Old books were read. The Holy Spirit was under the spotlight like never before. Nobody had experienced the seismic upheaval the church was undergoing.

The Apostles wrote the New Testament out of their living experience and saw thousands of people being swept daily into the Kingdom of God. The same thing is happening today. Wherever the Holy Spirit is restored in the church, revival and renewal is breaking out.

The Holy Spirit Handbook by Bill Dixon combines Bible passages with modern day power encounters. It will be invaluable to those who want to discover what the Holy Spirit is doing today.

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‘I welcome the contribution this book makes’ – Lord Rogers.
This book will give confidence to those who want to challenge the status quo in the design of public space. Illustrated throughout with international examples of best practice, Revival in the Square provides practical advice and guidance on how to build public spaces that will bring people together for a positive, shared experience of urban living.

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